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Rahman Legal is full-service firm that provides high quality legal services at affordable rates.  We specialize in consumer rights, landlord-tenant disputes, commercial litigation, freedom-of-information requests, and environmental law.  Our firm is dedicated to serving communities, neighborhoods, and people from a wide variety of professional and cultural backgrounds.  Whether you are a consumer, tenant, small-business owner, or nonprofit organization, we are focused on protecting your rights and creating intelligent solutions.  Some firms may treat you like a number, but Rahman Legal will make every effort to give you the personal attention you deserve.  We will explore all your options and help you plan the best course of action.  Contact us and help us make a difference in your life.

Practice Areas

Consumer Protection


Our firm is dedicated to defending consumers against harassment and deceptive practices by debt collectors, banks, mortgage companies, phone companies, home-improvement contractors, or any other entity that may have engaged in wrongdoing under the law.

Tenants' Rights


We provide services to tenants for residential and commercial property disputes.  We handle cases in state, federal, and appellate courts.  Upon consultation, our strategy will be fully discussed and tailored to your needs.

Commercial Litigation


Our firm handles a broad range of legal issues between businesses.  Some areas of specialization include contract formation, contract disputes, fraud, interference of business relations, breach of fiduciary duties, shareholder disputes, corporate management and control, employment, and defamation.   

Environmental Solutions


Rahman Legal is passionate about protecting the environment.  We can bring actions in federal or state court on behalf of individuals and nonprofit member organizations, and we may accept such cases on a pro bono or low-fee basis.  

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